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some of the photos on the official olympic website were gems

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We’ll find it hard to repeat this next year. Maybe we will lose two players, so it will be really hard to be as good next time. I’m not envious of Bayern or any of the others. Sometimes, teams have more money than others. We have found a way in the last few years to show them, maybe, what you can do with half the money. With a little more money, we can get a little bit better. But we haven’t signed stars. We haven’t signed big players. We have made big players. That is the way I like it.
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Marco Reus #REUSPECT ;) 

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This was posted on facebook with comments stating REUSPECT and one was interesting, it said “i love his hair” and all these guys replied saying same, and im presuming these guys are straight. He’s perfect in some ways i guess, and im a straight male as well. 

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This is pure pain. :(

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//Felipe Santana via instagram

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